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Xerox printer :

Xerox printer is a modern day printing device which enables quick printing. The printer enables easy installation and printing can be done through mobile too. But there be issues also at times with the Xerox printing device which can be solved with easy troubleshooting.

This article will highlight some of the common problems that are faced by the Xerox printer users and proper solutions will be also suggested that are recommended that the Xerox printer customer service. Support experts are the best professionals to suggest instant troubleshooting and one can contact the experts for advanced assistance.

Xerox Printer Technical Support :

Problem 1: The printer is taking too much long time in printing pages

Slow printing is a common issue that can be caused by a high resolution setting, a memory issues, or any choice of drivers. In case of printing high-resolution images which have more data from the PC and printer, it takes more printing time. Consider adding memory to keep the printer working if you are processing large files. Also, switch from two-sided to simplex mode. Xerox printer technical support will be the best option for solving printing concerns.


Problem 2: Paper jams

Paper jams in the printer can be caused by misaligned paper. Make sure that the paper is positioned correctly by removing the tray and reseat the tray. Remove the paper stack and see if its squared properly and repositioned. Make sure the type of paper being printed is supported by the printer. Contact Xerox printer customer service if the paper jam issue is serious for long duration.


Problem 3: Really bad looking prints

Check the printer driver to make sure that the correct paper or media is selected. Double-check the paper loaded in the tray and in some laser printer, the fuser has an adjustment for paper type. Check the toner cartridges, imaging units and the fuser for damage. Print several blank sheets of paper if you’ve got smudge marks.

Contact Xerox printer technical support for the best troubleshooting steps for advanced issues. Support professionals will suggest steps that will best suited for the printer model. These technical professionals are trained professionals who can provide quick assistance for the printer troubles. 

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