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Apple Mail Password Recovery

If you are an Apple Mail user and you have forgotten the password of your email account, then we have a good news for you. We are going to present some steps in this article which will help you to recover your apple mail password. Make sure that you will follow each and every step of this article so that this issue can be fixed in a quick time.

Recover your Apple Mail password with quick steps  

  • The first step of this procedure is to go to the APPLE MAIL official webpage and then click on the SIGN IN button followed by clicking on the FORGOT MY PASSWORD link. 
  • The next step is to enter the ID of your Apple Mail account. Along with that, you will be given a large number of options for the accomplishment of the password recovery.
  • Now, if you remember the answer to any of the security question, then you have to select the option named as ANSWER SECURITY QUESTIONS.
  • Along with that, if you want to recover your password by getting an email, then select the option named as 'GET AN EMAIL'.
  • Next, it's the time to click on the link which is sent to the alternate email address of the users.
  • In case, you have selected the option named as 2-factor authentication for the purpose of the apple mail password recovery, then you have to enter your mobile number in the text box and then you will receive a One Time Password on the entered mobile number.
  • Now, doesn't matter which of the above three methods you have selected, the only thing which you have to do is to click on the CONTINUE button.
  • In the final step of this procedure, you will see your lost Apple Mail password recovered on the screen. In case, if there exists any problem in following the above steps, then make sure to contact the customer support team of the Apple Mail.

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