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How To find Roku IP Address Without Remote

Roku is one of the best series of online media players manufactured by Roku software.

No idea on How To find Roku IP Address Without Remote? Resolving here easily:

It is the best media partner that helps to provide the over the top content in the form of channels simply. So if you are using an app then you can manage your Roku but if you have Roku remote then you can manage every media devices like T.V that generally monitored by a remote device specially.

Know How To Find Roku IP Address Without Remote?

It is so simple to use the mobile app and find out the special thing to manage you all the tasks simply with the Roku IP address without using remote. But if you don’t know how to do it you are required to get this kind of the solution within a short span of the time simply.

Here are the ways on How To Find Roku IP Address Without Remote:

  • First of all, you need to turn on your Android phone and go to the settings tab.

  • You can check your Network IP address and go to the settings to manage.

  • There will be the Wi-Fi for your network to show and then you must write down the number into the fox.

  • Select the IP address and check out the IP address that you are looking for and then select the use of IP.

  • Now you can check the IP address of your Roku that you can use without using remote finally.

Roku Customer Service

For additional help, contact Roku Customer Service tech support team that is active to provide help in no time simply.  


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