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Google Duo Not Working

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Many of Google users also use its new application Google Duo , sometimes may Google duo not working, so this blog may help you to recover this issue or user can contact to the Google duo customer care number to resolve issue with the help of experts .

How To Fix Issue Google duo not working

Google – it is an American multinational company which has internet services and products such as online advertising technologies, search engine, it also provides its services in software as well hardware, Google provides such services which makes it all the more useful across the globe, Google also displays doodles on its homepage with the motto to celebrate some events, holidays .events achievements and at times people as well. Google duo is a video chat available as mobile app which is indeed developed by Google, the application is based on phone numbers which helps the individual to place call using the contact list as any other services the app switch between the Wi-Fi and mobile network it has a most likeable feature which is Knock –Knock which allows the user to see alive preview of the caller before answering the call.

Steps To Fix Issue Google duo not working on iphone

This app works on Ios operating system , the video quality is high and end to end encryption is available by default , while using the services if the Google duo is not working one can take the following steps

  •         Initially one has to ensure that the internet connection is intact and the device is also connected properly and one check the connection through settings
  •         Click on settings then look for the application hit on application manager look for duo and then click on force stop option which will help to restart the application
  •         One can also opt restarting the device
  • If the Google duo is not working in regards to the video or sound issue is one take the step mentioned as below
  •         One as to ensure that the camera or the microphone of the iPhone is working aptly
  •         One can also be sure that the direction of the device is correct
  •         Ensure that internet connection is working properly
  •         The iPhone should be charged and the signal is strong
  •         Restart the iPhone if the Google duo is not working

Google Duo Customer Care Number

If the individual is still facing the concern and the Google duo not working one can seek the help from the live expert by just one call on Google Duo customer care number , the expert will hear the concern and will provide the apt solution by understating the complete scenario and the expert will ask the individual to perform some steps to overcome the concern Google duo not working and if the individual is not able to take the steps as advised one can ask for the remote access and will ensure that the Google duo not working will get solved and hence the individual will be able to use the services hassle free


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