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Google Maps Not Working In Chrome

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Google Maps, the location-based application developed by Google, is one of the crucial applications chosen by the travelers. It covers all the key locations across the globe. Initiated by some technical issues, this app sometimes fails to respond to Google Chrome. Today we will discuss on issue that guide you on if Google Maps not working in Chrome. Before you follow the mentioned steps, please check whether you have installed the latest version of Google Maps. If not, do it first and check.


How to install google maps?


1.        Open your web browser – Google Chrome

2.        Click on [Menu] located in the top right section

3.        Navigate [Settings]

4.        Go down to click on [Show Advanced Settings]

5.        Select [Content Settings] under the Privacy tab

6.        Go down to Location

7.        Ask when a site tries to track the physical location

8.        Now you need to give permission to

9.        It will access the physical location

10.    Click Done

How to contact google maps customer service expert team?

If the given process doesn’t solve your problem – Google Maps not loading – in Android phone, reset your phone. Restarting the Android phone can resolve most of the technical issues, including this one. We also suggest you erase the cache and data blocks by navigating the [Settings] window. Click on [Applications] and find Google Maps. It will enable you to tap into the [Clear Data] option. Go for factory resetting if both the above mentioned fail to help you if Google Maps not loading on your Android phone. Factory reset is most likely to clear up all your phone data, files and, installed applications. So, keep a backup of your phone data before you go for a factory reset. You can do this by navigating the [Settings] window where the [Backup and Reset] option can be found. The removal of phone battery could be another fruitful option if Google Maps not working in Google Chrome. Long-time operation sometimes slows down the Google Maps from working properly. Try to give a gap of two to five minutes between battery removal and battery placement.

If still facing any technical problem then dial on google maps customer service number to get isntant support to resolve issue on google maps not working in chrome. Team will provide you the best posible solutions. 

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