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How to make your own web hosting server Linux

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Today in order to maintain your presence in the market you need to own a good website for your company so that people could get to know about and could recognise you among many. So you may be the owner of the website or the hoster of the website. In both the cases you need to have the adequate knowledge of the various web technologies that can help you in acheiving the aim of how to host linux server in just few steps.

How to host linux server?

So here in this article the whole process of developing a website as well as host it on the linux is provided. You just need to follow the steps that are mentioned below:-

  • First of all you need to have some things handy such as the linux box i.e a working linux operating system installed in your device.
  • Along with this operating system you also need to have the apache, PHP and th e mysql guide.
  • So in the very starting of the process you have to install apache on your system followed by installing mysql in your device.
  • You just have to keep going to in order to know how to create web server in linux.
  • One thing to note here is that you can install both the things in your system with the help of the command line easily, you just need to know the right commands to do so.
  • Now comes the time to install php in your system and you can do that also by the help of the command lines.
  • And then you have to download the drupal, as this completes ten you will be taken to the installation wizard where you need to choose a language settings.
  • Followed by setting up the database and then you have to configure it by doing the settings such as site name, email, username and password.

So the above mentioned process explains the process of how to create a web server in the linux and how to host linux server.

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