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How to setup Cloud hosting

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To learn how to set up cloud hosting, let us first learn , what cloud hosting exactly is?It is like using data from interconnected web servers in the cloud and pay for it as per the requirement. User uses the hardware, memory, software , storage and other resources and other peripherals   etc. and pay for only that much which is consumed. It is to host data on demand basis with basic cloud computing infrastructure. User can share data, resources, can host services and solutions as per his requirement over an interconnected network.If you need to know more about how to set up cloud hosting then you can contact to the cloud hosting tech support and get all info about that by the service provider.

Get details that how to setup cloud hosting

Now the question arises is , why we actually need to do this? The major reason is cost saving. With Cloud, of course , user can access his data and resources remotely without using much of his hardware or software. Thus for various small and large scale business and other organizations, Cloud computing and cloud hosting are the best option to save the cost of using data and resources. Another important reason is that the data is safe and secure. User can recover his data if it has been corrupted or crashed etc. Third thing is, less maintenance required. User need to pay for that much which is required for him and used by him.

How to set up cloud hosting? First look at the system requirements. The system has following things in his system :

  • 3 GHz 8 core processor and much better if more than that.

  • 200 + GB disk space

  • 10+GB Memory

Know how to set up cloud hosting through some steps:

  1. Login to the Cloud Control Panel in your system.

  2. Further click to Servers and then click on Cloud Servers.

  3. Then click on Create Server.

  4. Look for the ab Details and click on it.

  5. Then enter the server name.

  6. Then user have to select the region of the server. This information user can get from the cloud tech support experts. Region is basically a logical data server.

  7. In the image section , user have to choose the operating system.

  8. The Flavor section includes the appropriate configuration of the server.

  9. Under Advanced options, enter a Public key.

  10. If user wants to add the key then click on Manage SSH key option.

  11. Click on Add Public Key.

  12. Give a public key name, then add a region and paste your public key in the next field.

  13. Confirm that the public key is there in the list of SSH servers.

  14. Select the PublicNet and ServiceNet options.

  15. Finally click on Create Server.

  16. When it displays the Running status, it means it is working well !

Cloud Hosting Tech Support

Call at the cloud hosting tech support and ask the experts if there is any technical issue. The support is 24/7 available for the user. The experts are certified and thus the most effective technical support is guaranteed.


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