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How to Use iCloud Drive

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Apple gives you around total 5GB space for iCloud storage after you register with an Apple ID. By using it, you can take the backup of your photos and videos in the cloud. You can even use standard cloud storage service in the form of iCloud Drive.

People can save documents into iCloud Drive within apps.You can save files to the cloud storage which also appears in an app-specific folder.It is smart enough in number of aspects but certain threats are really unignorable. To get help at such times,it is required for the user to connect with iCloud drive support team immediately.

Multiple issues has been resolved by iCloud drive support team. Individual can see solution to one:

How to use iCloud drive?

It is first required for you to activate iCloud Drive before you will use it

From an iPhone/iOS device,you should go to Settings and then iCloud

User should now go to iCloud Drive and should check the option to turn the service on.

When you are using Mac, it is required for you to check iCloud Drive option under System Preferences.

After you enabled, you may access iCloud Drive by using the home screen shortcut from your iPhone or iPad

For getting the home screen shortcut,you  Finder sidebar on a Mac. It gives you a simple folder view, where  files can be opened and uploaded

For accessing iCloud Drive,you can simply login to and may open iCloud Drive from the list of items.It is useful for Android or Linux users, or those who are using shared computer.

Files can be uploaded via the web interface from compatible browsers

There are number of people who might need help for the above solved issue,it is required for the user to connect with iCloud drive support team.To contact iCloud drive support team,there is need to use iCloud helpline number.When you use it,you get the chance to talk to live experts who are highly talented.Individual will be charged with certain amount of fee,it will be too low to pay by anybody.When you will not be satisfied,you are not required to pay any amount.Live chat and email service are the other options to get instant help.

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