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Netgear Router Password Reset

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Want to reset your netgear router password then this blog will help you or you can contact to the Netgear Router Password Reset Number anytime and experts will help you and let you know how to reset netgear router password.

Get All Details To Do Netgear Router Password Reset

Netgear Inc. is a global company that provides computer networking devices and services. It is based in San Jose, California, in the United States, with other operational and corporate offices in around 25 countries. Netgear is a major producer of networking hardware for different customers like consumers, businesses, and service providers. The company operates its business in retail, commercial, and as a service provider also. Netgear products are filled with the trending technologies such as wireless network, Ethernet and powerline along with wired and wireless devices to access broadband and network connectivity.

Netgear Router Password Recovery Number

When it comes to security, Netgear router is secured with password and it is next to impossible to hack it. However, there are so many unauthorized apps and programs that can hack any router due to weak security configuration. Using such apps any hacker can use your wifi router, you may lose your internet data the hacker is using your internet through your WiFi for free.

Know Details To Do Netgear Router Password Recovery

To be away from hackers and malicious interference, you should change your password time to time. Some users have complained that Netgear router recovery not working and it happens due to incomplete account information. Following are steps to set up password recovery.

  1. Connect your WiFi to any pc or smartphone.
  2. Open internet browser.
  3. In the browser, type or
  4. Provide with router username and password.
  5. Usually the username is admin and the password is password.
  6. Click on “ADVANCED” then on Administration then Set Password.
  7. Click on the check box “Enable Password Recovery”.
  8. Choose two security questions and fill in their answers.
  9. Click on the button “Apply”.
  10. Once you click on apply, your changes will be saved

Now, let’s discuss about recovering the password. Follow the steps to recover and change your password.

  1. Type, in the address field of your browser.
  2. A login window will open.
  3. Click the button “Cancel”.
  4. You will be prompted to provide the serial number of the router (serial number is on the product label).
  5. Fill in the serial number.
  6. Click on the button “Continue”.
  7. A page will come up on the screen with questions.
  8. Provide the correct answers to your security questions.
  9. Click on the button “Continue”.
  10. Here, your password will be flashed on the screen.
  11. Click on the button “Login again”.
  12. A window will appear asking login credentials.
  13. Provide username and password of your router.
  14. The primary home page will come up on the screen.
  15. Click on Advanced then on Administration then on set password.
  16. Here, fill in your old password and type new desired password two times.
  17. Simply click on “Apply” and your settings are saved.

Netgear Router Phone Number

Above are the instructions to change your Netgear router password, in case you still have doubt that how to reset netgear router password then just make a call on Netgear Router password reset number or Netgear Router Phone number anytime and technicians will help you to resolve all your issues.


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