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How to fix the Rogers email account troubles?

Rogers email service is a modern day email client which has all the latest email technologies. Like all other email services it is very common that user might get stuck with any email account problem or trouble. In this article we will try solving the account problems instantly with proper troubleshooting steps.

Recover Lost or Deleted Emails

Is your emails have been deleted or gone missing in the last 7 days? Submit a request to restore the emails and the email clients will do everything possible for the recovery of the lost message.

Here are some of the important points –

Email user cannot cancel the restore requests

Restoration process is not always successful

It is only possible to restore the lost or deleted emails in the last 7 days

Once the messages are successfully recovered, they are added to same folder they were in during the time frame of pick up to restore it.

Also, check the trash folder after the restoration process is completed. Contact the Rogers email support experts over Rogers email phone number for the latest assistance and help.

A Sent Message is Not Received properly

The email is still waiting to be sent or something happened on the recipient’s end if the sent email wasn’t received or if the user haven’t received any error message.

Step 1: Check if the email was sent or not

  • For this first check the sent folder. If the message is present in this folder then it proves that the message was sent successfully.
  • Be sure that the address in the ‘To’ field of the sent email is correct.
  • Also, check the drafts folder. If the message is not present in the sent folder then it will surely be in the drafts folder.

Step 2: Ask the recipient for checking of the account

  • Check the spam folder first. The message might be delivered in the spam folder.
  • Also, it might happen that the email address might be blocked unknowingly.
  • Filters can redirect email matching a certain keyword criteria to another folder.

Go for Rogers email phone number review for getting the best assistance for email troubles. Support experts are better equipped to provide instant support for all email troubles.

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